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Why You Might Need Crime Scene Cleanup and Trauma Cleanup Services in California?

There are several reasons why someone in California may need a trauma cleanup company. The BioCleaning Solutions Network puts customers in direct contact with the most available trauma cleanup technicians we have available in our network.  These trauma cleanup specialists will be able to help with crime scene cleanup, unattended death cleanup, and trauma scene cleaning needed in communities throughout California. 

  1. Crime Scenes: When a violent crime occurs, the crime scene must be cleaned and sanitized by a professional crime scene cleanup company. Crime scenes can be contaminated with blood, bodily fluids, and other hazardous materials that require specialized cleaning and disinfection.  We have licensed crime scene cleanup technicians that have all the needed permits and licensing as well as experience to handle the worse case scenarios.

  2. Accidents: Accidents, such as car crashes or industrial accidents, can result in the release of hazardous materials, such as oil or chemicals. A trauma cleanup company can safely and effectively clean up these materials to prevent further damage to the environment.  This may also include medical accidents which are on the rise in California.  With even a medical accident there could be a large amount of blood cleanup which our trauma cleanup technicians in California are trained to handle.

  3. Unattended Deaths: When a person dies alone and their body is not discovered for a period of time, it can result in decomposition and the release of hazardous materials. A trauma cleanup company can safely and compassionately clean up the area and restore it to its pre-incident condition.  In particular, when this in a decomposed human, you will have a large amount of odor removal that is also needed.  Our crime scene cleanup company used the most advanced technologies for biohazard cleanup restoration and odor removal.  

  4. Hoarding: Hoarding can lead to unsafe living conditions and the accumulation of hazardous materials. A trauma cleanup company can safely and discreetly remove clutter and hazardous materials from the home.

  5. Infectious Disease Outbreaks: During an infectious disease outbreak, a trauma cleanup company can provide specialized cleaning and disinfection services to help prevent the spread of the disease.

When you call our network at 1-855-203-0123 we will be able to connect you with trauma cleanup specialists available in your location through our network of preferred cleaners. It is important to go over the scope of damage at your property and get answer from the trauma cleanup technician you speak with on the what you can expect based on your circumstances and approved scope of work.

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Many people have a difficult time finding the right help when it comes to biohazard cleaning. Through our network we put you in direct touch with approved trauma cleanup technicians that have extensive experience in dealing with these matters. Speak with a trauma cleanup specialist today to get specifics on what can be done to decontaminate your property, time-frame expectation, and any other questions you have pertaining to experience or expectations of what can be accomplished.

Why Work With a Licensed Biohazard Cleaning Services?

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First, the scene is dangerous to clean if any human fluids or biohazards are present.  Secondly, the biohazards removed from your home have to be processed following strict laws in California that have several requirements.  One of which is that the biohazards such as any blood, blood-soaked furniture or belonging, or any human fluids must have a biohazardous materials transport permit. In addition to this, those biohazards removed from a crime scene, unattended death, suicide, or any accident will then need to be sent to a California Biohazard Waste Incineration Facility.  The biohazards such as the blood removed from the home can not be disposed of in a landfill.  Thirdly, you do not want the risk of exposure to the biohazard that is seen and the ones not seen.  Viruses can not be seen by the human eye, you do not just want a simple wipe down of your surfaces that were affected.  You want our trained professional crime scene cleanup technicians in our network to sanitize those surfaces to prevent future exposure.

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We only use licensed trauma cleanup technicians and ensure all proper permits and licensing is done to make sure any biohazard is cleaned following all laws and ordinances

Frequently Asked Questions About Crime Scene Cleanup in California

A: Crime scene cleanup is the process of cleaning and decontaminating a location after a violent crime or traumatic event has occurred.

A: If you are the owner or occupant of a property where a violent crime or traumatic event has occurred, it is important to have the area professionally cleaned to ensure the safety of anyone who may come into contact with the area.

A: In many cases, crime scene cleanup is covered by homeowners or commercial property insurance policies. However, it is important to check with your insurance provider to determine the extent of your coverage.

A: Crime scene cleanup should only be performed by certified professionals who have the training and equipment necessary to safely and effectively clean and decontaminate the area.  We use only licensed and bonded crime scene cleanup technicians at any of our offices in California.

A: Crime scene cleanup professionals use a variety of specialized equipment, including personal protective equipment, HEPA filters, and chemical cleaners.  We also have Odor Removal Equipment and high-power extractors.

A: The process for crime scene cleanup involves an initial assessment of the area, removal of any hazardous materials, cleaning and sanitizing the area, and proper disposal of all waste materials. This is all a small part of the total restoration process. 

A: The length of time for crime scene cleanup can vary depending on the size of the area, the extent of the damage, and the type of materials that need to be removed. However, most jobs can be completed within a few hours to a few days.

A: Traumatic events that require crime scene cleanup include homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, industrial accidents, and other situations where blood or bodily fluids are present.

A: The cost of crime scene cleanup can vary depending on the size of the area, the extent of the damage, and the type of materials that need to be removed. However, we offer free estimates and try to work with your insurance provider to determine the cost of the services by helping you file an insurance claim.  To know more about this contact one of our locations and ask for our insurance claims advisor. 

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