Crime Scene Cleanup Services in Lancaster , CA  

Why Biohazard Cleanup is Important To You 

If you live in Lancaster California you have probably seen our vehicles around town.  We are the hazmat cleaning company that is hired by residents and businesses in the community when a biohazard needs to be cleaned or removed.  Primarily we specialize in blood cleanup and cleaning the aftermath of a death scene or major accident.  We are pioneers in the biohazard cleanup business and have our offices located to allow us to get to homes in Lancaster California with record speed.  We opened our business with idea that everyone deserves help and try to help everyone who contacts us with the best advice and customer service available.  All homes are scheduled for evaluation the day you call and our customer care center will help assist you with everything from determining what sentimental items should try to be salvaged to flinging any insurance claims necessary. From start to finish you have a friend with us.

Crime Scene Cleanup & Forensic Cleanup in Lancaster California

Most people who have seen us on the news know us as the local crime scene cleanup company in Lancaster California.  We think of ourselves as hazmat cleaners but we understand that a lot of people like calling us crime scene cleaners.  

We started doing crime scene cleanup in the area and some other nearby cities back in the early 1990s and have since become one of the most requested companies for murder scene cleanup and forensic cleanup from the aftermath of a Police investigation.   Although the Lancaster California Police Department will do the investigative work, they will request our company or a crime scene cleanup company to come in and clean the blood and human fluids from the premises after the crime scene investigation is over.  When you have had a death by murder or homicide at a relative’s home you should contact us immediately and we will coordinate a time with our Police contacts to determine when the crime scene is open to be cleaned.

We Clean Homes After A Death – Learn Why It’s A Biohazard Cleanup

Many people do not know who to call to clean a home someone has died in.  Usually, a person who lived alone may die unattended and will go undiscovered and will decompose before they are found.  When they are discovered the Lancaster California Coroner’s Office will remove the corpse but like the Police Department they will not clean the bloodstains or human fluids left behind.  For that, you will need us and our trained technicians who understand how to clean the aftermath of a death scene.  We schedule homes for unattended death cleanup in Lancaster California and some nearby communities 24 hours a day.  Call our customer care center and find out more about how we have over 100 five-star reviews for our biohazard cleaning.   

More than just unattended deaths, we have also been called in to help families who have had a suicide at their home and need help with the cleanup and even medical accidents that have resulted in death.  If there has been a gunshot death, please do not touch any of the area and contact us immediately.

The Difficult Job of Blood Cleanup in Lancaster California

It’s not for the faint of heart or for carpet cleaners in Lancaster California.  If you have bloodstains or blood at a home that has to be removed, including blood-soaked furniture or mattresses, you need us.  We have the staff in the nearby office located in Lancaster California and the history.  We wrote the book on blood cleanup and that’s no joke.  If you have blood at your home you want to hire a company with a reputation for working with blood and the know-how of what to do to clean blood from surfaces and furniture at a home.

Founded in Lancaster California

Our founders from Lancaster California are team leaders and we continue to recruit new talent from the area as we expand our business to nearby cities.  We want to be not only the #1 biohazard cleanup company in Lancaster but also all over California.  Stop by our offices and visit us or come to our yearly open house event where we serve the community BBQ and set off fireworks in our parking lot. 

A Family Business with Purpose 

We are a family-owned and operated company, our mission is to help remove the biohazards from homes that can prevent further health hazards.  Our goal this year is to grow the becoming the largest owner-operated crime scene cleanup company in California.


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